火花! 研讨会

可用的火花! 研讨会

生物学-心脏的解剖/星期二,一月. 31, 2023 (虚拟) 

你有没有想过是什么让你呼吸? 移动? 让氧气循环到全身? 在这火花中! 生物课上,365bet体育将学习处理这一切的器官... 心脏! 加入365bet体育365bet体育将了解心脏和它所能做的一切.

化学-化学在人体/星期四,2月1日. 2, 2023 (虚拟) 

Did you know that there are thousands of chemical reactions happening all at once inside your body? The chemical reactions that occur collectively to support life are called your metabolism. The processes associated with breathing and eating are just a few examples that rely on chemistry via the respiratory and digestive systems. 在本课中, we will explore the complexities and biological impacts of these processes. 加入365bet体育来学习身体化学!

Chinese/Asian Studies –Traditional Chinese Calligraphy and Watercolor / Tuesday, 2月. 7, 2023 (虚拟) 

你对中国文化和书法的起源感兴趣吗? 你喜欢艺术吗?? 你有没有想过探索不同的绘画风格? 在本课中, students will explore the history and significance of Chinese watercolor and calligraphy by learning to write different Chinese characters! 

Computer Science– How to Teach a Computer to Think Like Us: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence / Thursday, 2月. 2023年9月(虚拟) 

电脑是如何思考的? How can a machine beat you in chess, know what you’ll buy online next, or recreate Van Gogh’s art? 从自动驾驶汽车到智能手机的面部识别, 人工智能正在改变365bet体育周围的世界. 365bet体育将着眼于在线美术生成器, 和人工智能算法玩游戏, 看看你能否区分电脑和人. Join us as we dive into the various and unique applications of artificial intelligence and what it means not only for the tech world but also for our everyday lives. 

网络安全-数字隐私和错误信息/星期二,2月1日. 2023年14日(虚拟) 

你有没有想过你的信息在网上是如何处理的,或者谁能看到你的信息? 你有没有考虑过有些信息是不可信的? 365bet体育将识别可靠和恶意的在线信息, 探索恶意行为者如何在网上传播虚假信息, 并分析一个历史事件,以显示错误信息对365bet体育社会的影响. We will learn more about the importance of digital privacy and how your digital privacy can be protected. Join us as we learn about the world of cyber security and what it takes to be an educated cyber citizen. 

环境科学-生物群系在真实世界/星期二,二月. 2023年28日/(虚拟) 

你玩过Minecraft吗? 你注意到所有不同的生物群落了吗? 在本课中, you will learn about different biomes and the ecosystems within them. 从水生环境到沙漠, we’ll cover any biome you can think of and we will show how to make your own terrarium at home. 如果你喜欢Minecraft和环境,加入这个火花! 教训!

法语-传统艺术:艺术, 美学, 法语文化史/星期四, 3月2日, 2023(虚拟) 

Bienvenue à tous! 当你听到法语时,你会想象什么? Perhaps you imagine the latticed silhouette of the Eiffel Tower or Édith Piaf’s nostalgic ballads. However, the French speaking world spans over 30 countries across almost all of the continents! 在本课中, 365bet体育将探索不同的艺术品, 娱乐, 以及受法国殖民主义影响的建筑文化. 从马拉喀什的沙质山麓开始一段旅程, 从摩洛哥到河内熙熙攘攘的街市, Vietnam as we dive into the deep cultural and historical roots of national artistic traditions. 不需要熟练掌握法语.

政府 & 经济学-世界各国政府2.2023年3月7日星期二(虚拟) 

你有没有想过世界各国是如何管理政府的? 有没有想过不同国家的核心是如何运作的? Then join us as we gain a true snapshot of global politics by exploring the governmental structure of various countries and discovering each country’s political socialization. Participants will put their political knowledge to the test with fun trivia and games.

历史-现代总统的历史/ 2023年3月9日星期四(虚拟) 

自20世纪70年代手机发明以来,世界发生了很大的变化, 虚拟现实, 超高速计算机, GPS只是其中的几个例子. Have you ever wondered how the American presidency has remained steadfast through all the changes in our history? 或者为什么总统对365bet体育的民主和社会如此重要? Or how our presidents respond to crises in order to protect each and every one of us every day? If you’re interested in learning all about recent presidents and their importance to America, 加入这个特别节目, 限量版的火花! 历史的教训!

Literature – Underrepresented Groups in Early Literature / Tuesday, 3月2日023年14日(虚拟) 

你听说过弗雷德里克·道格拉斯吗? 你读过Natasha Trethewey的诗吗? 读读卡洛斯·布洛桑的书? 在这门课上, participants will explore underrepresented groups in early literature by analyzing how literature represented these groups as characters and how these groups created their own literary masterpieces. 加入365bet体育的有趣介绍作家如何, 诗人, 演说家, 历史上,积极分子与文学有过接触! 

海洋生物学-水生哺乳动物101 /星期二,2023年3月21日(虚拟) 

你有没有想过北极熊是如何在寒冷中生存的?  或者海豹为什么这么胖? 海豚, 海豹, 鲸鱼, 还有更多的动物组成了海洋哺乳动物, 在这节海洋生物课上, participants will learn all about the fluffy (and not so fluffy) marine mammals that play major roles in many marine ecosystems including the importance of these animals, 可以帮助那些需要帮助的人. 加入365bet体育,了解这些动物如何在各自的环境中生存, 欣赏可爱的哺乳动物宝宝, and test your knowledge on each animal's purpose with an interactive game/ demonstration! 365bet体育希望把你送到那里!  

Mathematics – The World that Runs on Statistics / Wednesday, 3月2日2, 2023(虚拟) 

有没有想过在现实生活中你会在哪里使用你在学校学到的数学? If you have ever doubted the importance of mathematics in any field, statistics is your friend! The branch of math that deals with data and number crunching is all around us in our lives, 从经济到测试新药, 风化预测到选举预测, 从机器人到机器学习, 还有更多! Join us to learn how statistics shows the effects of our actions on our world and gives us a window into just how important it is to be precisely informed. 

医学——你能生长器官吗? 组织再生研究/ 2023年3月23日星期四(虚拟) 

你失去过一条腿吗? 或者一根手指? 可能不会,但想象一下如果你能重新长出这些失去的四肢. 虽然365bet体育还不能完全再生四肢, 医生们目前正在进行试验,离实现这一目标又近了一步. We can currently regenerate cells, tissues, and maybe, in the future, whole, functional organs! 在本课中, we’ll break down the different ways tissue regenerative medicine has evolved and look at some animals that do this naturally, 比如蜥蜴和鹿. 加入365bet体育的火花! 看看组织工程医生今天在做什么!

音乐- Geo Jingles / 2023年3月28日星期二(虚拟) 

你有没有听过一首歌却一个字都听不懂? 你听说过一种乐器听起来很独特吗,比如迪吉里杜管? 在本课中, participants will go from continent to continent to unpack that region’s 音乐! 365bet体育还将探讨外国作曲家, 仪器, 以及拉丁爵士乐的演唱风格, 韩国流行音乐, 喉咙唱歌, 和更多的! 到最后, participants will be able to place a sample of 音乐 to an approximate region of the world and construct some simple 仪器. If you want to learn a lot of cool and obscure 音乐 facts to wow your friends, join us!

Psychology - The Experiments That Shaped Psychology Today / Wednesday, 3月2日2023年9月(虚拟) 

You hear a bell and the other 20 people in the room stand up, clap their hands, and sit back down. 铃声再次响起,他们做同样的事情. 第三次铃声响起时,你是和他们一起站起来还是坐着? A psychology experiment very similar to this scenario was conducted, testing people’s conformity. 加入365bet体育的火花! 365bet体育将深入研究这个实验以及更多365bet体育条件反射的心理学, 服从, 以及其他各种潜意识的人类反应! 

Physics – A Change in Scale: From Remarkably Small to Astronomically Large / Thursday, 3月30日, 2023(虚拟)

Have you ever thought about what you might see as you zoom in closer and closer to an object? 在现实中, 365bet体育不能轻易地在一个很小的物体上感知任何东西, 量子, 或者非常大, 天文尺度. 在这些维度上,世界以365bet体育可能无法想象的方式运行. 在本课中, 365bet体育会讲到非常小的范围, 365bet体育对物理的理解会分解成量子力学, 以及非常大的规模, 时空被引力扭曲,光速开始起主导作用.

Spanish - Vacaciones y Destinos (Vacations and Destinations)/ Tuesday, April 4, 2023(虚拟)

¡Bienvenida待办事项! 你喜欢去海滩或探索山区吗? 如果是这样的话, take a journey with us as we travel to different Spanish-speaking countries and learn about their vacation destinations. We will look into all the interesting sites and experiences that each location contains. 来自巴塞罗那的圣家堂, 西班牙, 到阿根廷的las Cataratas de Iguazú, 365bet体育将深入了解文化, 食物, 音乐, 以及在西班牙裔世界的度假胜地举办的活动. ‘说到做到!